About rephraseIT

rephraseIT provides private, online instruction to non-native English speakers who want to speak and write clearly in English.

An accent is a great thing; it's something that ties us to communities, our heritage, and our families. However, sometimes it can be perceived negatively in a professional setting: a recruiter might miss your point during a phone interview; co-workers might not understand what you're saying in a meeting; and your manager might hesitate to put you in front of a audience for an important presentation. If you have experienced any of these scenarios, you are likely a good candidate for accent coaching. Contact Ursula Kallio to get started.

About Ursula Kallio


Ursula is an Accent Coach who speaks English, Finnish, Spanish, Mandarin, and German. As an Accent Coach, she distills technical information about language and converts it into practical sets of instructions that you can use to gain a new accent based on Standard American English. She listens to your speech patterns and provides specific, individualized techniques that you can use to become more easily understood by native, American English speakers. You can use these techniques to transform your English into an asset to achieve personal and professional goals.

She teaches you how to practice, so you can hone your new skills between sessions. Your practice requires hard work, consistency, and patience because accents do not change overnight. Ursula continually provides guidance so you can focus your practice sessions. The information that she provides about how to exercise your lips, jaw, and mouth muscles will further prepare you for your at-home practice sessions.

Ursula's credentials are:

  • Advanced TEFL certificate
  • TEFL certificate
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Music (violin)
  • English (native)
  • Finnish and Spanish (fluent)
  • Mandarin and German (studying)
  • French and Russian (have studied)
  • 10+ years of professional writing experience